About Us

Our Mission: To improve lives

by mobilizing the power of caring communities

to create lasting change.

United Way knows that people really want to make a difference in their community. You want to help others, and we want to be your partner.

Traditionally, the United Way's main role has been as a community fundraiser and distributor, but it has become clear that community needs are more complicated and pervasive than one program, one agency, one sector can solve. It takes more than just money to change communities and get real results.

The United Way of Western Connecticut brings together community leaders, nonprofit organizations, volunteers and businesses to focus on the most pressing needs in our community and provides the resources - human, technical and financial - to get to the heart of problems.
United Way is uniquely positioned because its partnerships, community knowledge, corporate relationships and money are all resources that can be brought to bear on our community's needs. We are focused on making lasting changes in people lives and the community.


United Way of Western Connecticut focuses on the building blocks for a strong and stable life:

Education: Ensuring that children enter kindergarten ready to learn and helping kids succeed in school and life
Income: Increasing financial stability, independence and dignity for our most vulnerable neighbors
Health: Combatting childhood obesity and promoting health and safety for all of our community members

We all win when a child succeeds in school, when workers have solid jobs, when families have good health, and when a neighborhood is revitalized. When you give to United Way’s Community Fund, you are joining with others across our 15-town community to strengthen the foundation for a good quality of life including strong education, financial stability and good health. Together, we can ensure that every person and every home is healthy and strong. It takes an entire community to make a difference, and we need you.



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