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2018 Voter Registration Day

Tomorrow is National Voter Registration Day! According to data from the Connecticut Secretary of State’s office, a total of 275,114 people have signed up to vote in Connecticut since 2016. The data reveals that this is an upsurge in voter registration in the state during a mid-term election cycle, when the number of those signing up to vote is usually low.
At United Way of Western Connecticut, we don’t just ask people to give. We want everyone in our community to become aware, invested and part of the ongoing conversation on what our collective needs are, how to address those needs, and how to create innovative partnerships that deliver needed services effectively.
There’s no time like the present to become an advocate for our communities and play an integral role in making an impact by voting. Your vote is important and voter registration is the first step toward full participation in our nation’s elections. 
The right to vote is one of the greatest parts of our democracy, so we must exercise that right as we work to improve our communities and create lasting change. Are you registered? Register to vote online:
If you have already registered and want to want to verify your registration or know where your polling place is, please visit:
United Way is a non-partisan, non-political organization and believes that Americans must work together to find solutions to the challenges that affect us all.