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At United Way of Western Connecticut, we don’t just ask people to give. We want everyone in our community to become aware, invested and part of the ongoing conversation on what our collective needs are, how to address those needs, and how to create innovative partnerships that deliver needed services effectively.

One simple way to become an advocate for our communties: VOTE.

Are you registered? Register to vote online:

Other ways to become involved

Take Action - Advocacy Action Alerts

Our goal is to bring together our partners to help find common ground to improve our community. We must work together to ensure that our priorities are heard, that our community is represented, that good ideas are funded and that failing policies are questioned.

You are part of our work and the solutions to our community’s challenges. Your voice, opinion and experience in our community matters. We encourage you to become informed, involved and spread the word to create lasting change in our community.

Simple Ways to Become an Extraordinary Advocate for Your Neighbors and Our Community

  • Encourage a person in need to call 2-1-1 or access
  • Tell your family and friends about United Way and what we do.
  • Remove the stigma from ALICE! Inform your friends, family members and community leaders that ALICE households exist, that they are working hard but due to the cost of living and limited wages they struggle every month to make ends meet.
  • If you someone who is ALICE, encourage them to access services that might help, and to share their experiences.
  • Be informed about local issues and pressing needs in our community.
  • Use social media to create awareness with your family, friends and networks about a cause you care about and encourage their involvement. Share. Tweet. Post. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to engage and be informed.
  • Contact your elected officials about issues affecting hard-working residents, particularly related to education, income or health.
  • Register to vote in the county where you reside, and encourage others to vote.
  • Request a speaker for your workplace or social club and learn more about how United Way helps improve the lives of our friends and neighbors.