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Our world and our economy have irrevocably changed, and with this new age has emerged a new, growing population we call ALICE®: Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. More than 40,000 households in Western Connecticut— 1 in 3—are ALICE and struggle to pay for basic necessities, including housing, food, childcare, health care, and transportation.

ALICE works hard, yet can’t get ahead, often living paycheck-to-paycheck and on the cusp of financial crisis. ALICE is a co-worker, friend and neighbor whose job just doesn’t pay enough to cover the basics in our area. ALICE can be a new graduate just starting out, a young family, or a retiree. Some households become ALICE due to an unforeseen life event: a life-altering health diagnosis, job loss, or family crisis. ALICE often doesn’t qualify for governmental aid or social service programs, so they are virtually invisible to the system, their struggle unknown. We are using a series of new standardized measures to quantify the size of this growing population. Learn more about the ALICE research in our most current report

United Way impacts the lives of ALICE in Western Connecticut by funding programs and collaboratives that target specific issue areas that most impact ALICE households, particularly in the areas of education, income and health. We listen to ALICE, focus on targeted outcomes that will improve their lives, and measure our success for a continual improvement process. By ensuring every household is healthy and financially strong, we will ensure that our communities are vibrant and prosperous places to live. Learn more about ALICE in Connecticut

We can’t do this without you. We depend on the partnerships we forge with businesses, schools, municipal agencies, volunteers and donors to drive collective impact around issues that affect our community, and especially ALICE. We are going to strengthen our communities by addressing identified needs to create more stable and self-sufficient households, and ultimately reduce the number of ALICE households in Western Connecticut. Join us.





United Way of Western CT ALICE video

Acts of Kindness for ALICE
In Danbury alone, 35% of residents go to work each day and still struggle to make ends meet. That's thousands of individuals and families in our area who often dread a seemingly simple task like grocery shopping. Why? Because of the stress and difficulty in stretching their limited dollars to feed a household. In grocery strore aisles, difficult decisions are made to make it the end of the month and pay all necessary bills.

United Way is grateful for the support from one of our donors to bring this video to fruition. With $2,000 in hand, we performed this random act of kindness by surprising unsuspecting PriceRite customers. We met many wonderful people that day, and we carry their stories and experiences with us. With the release of this video, we hope to raise awareness about the struggles of ALICE.