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ALICE in Connecticut


How different would Connecticut be if every working family was healthy and financially secure—meeting their basic needs but also prepared for emergencies and working towards the future of their dreams?

United Way of Western Connecticut is working in collaboration with United Way organizations across the state to give an identity, voice and hope for a more successful future to people in our communities who work hard, but struggle to make ends meet, ALICE®: Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed

1 in 3 Connecticut households are ALICE, and combined with those in poverty, 4 out of 10 families in Connecticut struggle. They do not earn enough to get by on a localized household survival budget that uses conservative estimates of the basic expenses: housing, child care, food, transportation, healthcare and taxes. Our communities can only become or remain prosperous if individuals and families are thriving. Take a virtual walk in ALICE's shoes through Making Tough Choices.

In September 2018, United Ways of Connecticut released an updated report to their groundbreaking 2014 study in partnership with Rutgers University, to further explore the challenges ALICE experiences, and how we can address their needs to strengthen our state's economic vitality and future. Using a series of new, standardized measures, the report paints a stark and detailed portrait of this growing population, including statistics, the various factors that keep ALICE struggling, and what this means for the economic health of our state (and our country). Download the complete ALICE report (PDF)

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>>2016 ALICE Report Executive Summary
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