Prosperity Digital Marketplace Names New Vice President of Products

Prosperity Digital Marketplace Names Vice President of Products


Anita Amit Brings Strong Skills in Leading the Design, Development,
and Management of Software Products


DANBURY, Conn. (October 26, 2020) — Prosperity Digital Marketplace (PDM) has announced that it has hired Anita Amit, an innovator in developing web solutions and digital software products, to lead its product development efforts as its new Vice President of Products.

A subsidiary of United Way of Western Connecticut, PDM is focused on transforming the economic future of financially vulnerable households. Its goal is to connect with these households and to help bring them into prosperity and away from dependence. To do that, technology must play a critical role. It is therefore laser focused on building a technology platform to provide programs and services to these hardworking, struggling households that United Way calls ALICE® (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed).

The technology platform, named Prosperi-Key, is currently under development with direct and deep involvement by end users, who are members of PDM’s ALICE Advisory Board. Ms. Amit will coordinate the efforts of the software developers and the participation of those ALICE board members to bring to life a platform that serves the needs of people who are often juggling multiple jobs and the demands of children and families, while struggling to pay their bills. 

“Anita Amit is the right person to help us bring our technology platform to the next level and start to put it to work for ALICE households,” said Kim Morgan, Chief Executive Officer of PDM. “Her skills in software product development, technology product management, and team leadership make her a great fit to help us launch something as innovative as Prosperi-Key.”

I am excited to partner with Kim and Prosperity Digital Marketplace to drive the development of this platform,” said Ms Amit. “It’s an innovative solution that aims to alleviate challenges faced by ALICE families―challenges which have been amplified by the pandemic. PDM has a strong foundation, with its diverse group of advisors, a capable development partner, and the support of United Way. I look forward to this opportunity to create a lasting and meaningful impact.”

The development of Prosperi-Key as a tool to help ALICE households comes at a time of unprecedented income inequality in the US, with 40% of households struggling to make ends meet. The financial challenges of ALICE families have been exacerbated by the pandemic, with a new poll reporting that 61% of households with children now saying that they face serious financial problems due to a job loss or a reduction in wages. (Source: The Impact of Coronavirus on Major US Cities, NPR, Robert Wood Johnson, and the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health)

Prosperi-Key includes an income eligibility process for people who live just above the poverty line. No other tool of this type currently exists. This income verification process will enable the creation of an online community of households that are living paycheck to paycheck, but don’t qualify for most government safety net programs. Within that community, ALICE households will be able to access programs and services available to help them. Donors and businesses will also be able to directly assist these low-income households.

For more information about PDM and the Prosperi-Key technology platform, contact Kim Morgan, CEO at or 203-883-6706.

Anita Amit joins Prosperity Digital Marketplace as its Vice President of ProductsAnita Amit, Vice President of Products for PDM

Anita brings with her 10+ years of experience in Technology, Strategy, Cross-functional Leadership and the Management Delivery of innovative web solutions.

In addition to bringing the technology platform to market, Anita will lead innovation and growth for Prosperity Digital Marketplace and the people it serves―people who are working hard but struggling to pay their bills.

She lives in Frisco, TX, with her husband, two children and their two dogs. She has also co-founded and leads Green & Fit Frisco, a community group that helps increase awareness and provides support to people in making healthful, earth-friendly, and sustainable lifestyle choices.