United Way of Puerto Rico and the Recent Earthquakes and Seismic Activity

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"Now is the time to live United for Puerto Rico"

We're sharing this on behalf of and in solidarity with United Way of Puerto Rico, members of the global United Way network, as they report out on the state of the island in the wake of recent earthquakes and continued seismic activity.

United Way of Puerto Rico shares:

Many of the victims living in affected regions along the southern coast of the island are sleeping outside in makeshift camps and shelters. There is significant damage to infrastructure that is preventing families from returning to their homes, and businesses from serving their communities. Power outages and potable water scarcity is also an issue in the affected regions.

You learn more (and donate) at: https://unitedwaypr.org/earthquakes/

United Way of Puerto Rico is responding to the great needs presented by this ongoing natural disaster:

  • United Way of Puerto Rico has created an Earthquake Relief Program for Puerto Rico to ensure emergency resources are gathered and channeled where they are needed most. Together with partners such as the American Red Cross-Puerto Rico Chapter, affiliated nonprofit organizations and other NGO allies, United Way of Puerto Rico will work closely with the community to assess and address immediate challenges and needs.
  • United Way of Puerto Rico's key initiatives for this disaster event is to provide the community with emergency relief and coordination, and by providing emotional support via workshops, early childhood support and investing companies employee support.
  • They will also lead the charge of putting together and distributing “disaster relief kits” that will include tarps/tents, sleeping bags, coolers, and personal hygiene products for those in need. They are working with a local food bank on logistics and staging. The food bank is in East San Juan and they have partnered with other smaller organizations on the southern portion of the island to be mini-hubs for distribution of the disaster relief kits.
  • In conjunction with Wal-Mart. they will also be distributing debit cards so that people can purchase other supplies as needed.
  • Working alongside their Department of Health and Human Services, United Way of Puerto Rico will help distribute pamphlets and flyers that will give some guidance on how to cope post-earthquake disaster

We will keep you updated as more information comes from our colleagues in Puerto Rico. We're praying for the continued safety of all those affected.

"Now is the TIme to Live United for Puerto Rico"