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Creating a Legacy of Caring

This is Brandon. Brandon takes five every month to provide the families at our Mobile Food Pantry in Northern Fairfield County with fresh lemonade and water, as they wait their turn to get groceries. His vibrant smile and personality lights up the room. As a thank you to Brandon, one of the patrons discovered his love for The Titanic and brought him some books. In return, Brandon wrote a Thank You card for her to showcase his deep appreciation for the gift. Thank you, Brandon, for taking five minutes to make an impact and creating your legacy every single day.

Join us to continue a legacy of caring for ALICE families across Western Connecticut and invest in the growth and strength of our community. We create our legacy every single day by helping those who need it the most and fighting for the health, education, and stability of hard-working households. To donate to #TakeFivetoGive5, click here: