DanburyWORKS Launches


Danbury WORKS officially launched on May 20, 2019: Innovative Initiative Focuses on Improving Equity and Quality of Life in Danbury

Danbury community leaders convened at City Hall to officially launch DanburyWORKS. DanburyWORKS brings together 14 community partners and city residents to focus on improving equity and the quality of life in the City of Danbury.

Event speakers included:

  • Mayor Mark Boughton
  • Kimberly Morgan, CEO of United Way of Western Connecticut
  • Michelle James, Executive Director, Community Action Agency of Western Connecticut

Its work emphasized:

  • building an infrastructure that supports and builds trust
  • creating more affordable licensed childcare, with a focus on infant and toddler care
  • helping people navigate English as a Second Language (ESL) pathways so they can become fluent in English and improve their employability and financial stability
Community Action Agency of Western CT Executive Director Michelle James speaks at the DanburyWORKS launch.  

This collaborative is supported by the Boston Federal Reserve’s Working Cities Challenge Grant, a highly competitive grant for $450,000 that was awarded to the city last year.

Sandra Ferreira, Director of DanburyWORKS, sees this launch as the starting point for a new way of working in the city that will improve the lives of all residents:

“When people trust each other and work together to improve life conditions in the city, everybody wins,” she said. “This event signals the start of something important—bringing major Danbury entities together to work in new ways for the benefit of our citizens.”

Kim Morgan, CEO of United Way of Western Connecticut, echoes her sentiments:

“Under the umbrella of DanburyWorks, people are coordinating their efforts to address the challenges of Danbury’s residents. By working together—and by listening directly to residents—we know we can improve the quality of life for people who are struggling,” she said.

For more information, visit https://www.uwwesternct.org/danburyworks or contact Sandra Ferreira at 203-2976283, sandra.ferreira@uwwesternct.org.

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