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Danbury’s Promise for Children Partnership

United Way brings together resources, both human and capital, to solve complex community challenges that no one individual or organization can solve alone, like closing the achievement gap in schools.

One aspect which fosters educational equity is a focus on early childhood, particularly the years from birth through preschool. Learning skills blossom when young children are safe, healthy and have access to stimulating and nurturing learning environments and experiences. That’s why United Way is a major partner in Danbury’s Promise for Children Partnership, an initiative bringing together parents, educators, healthcare providers, family support agencies, businesses, faith communities and other community resources to ensure the health and school-readiness of Danbury’s children. Quality, accredited childcare and preschools can be hard to access or afford for many families, especially ALICE families.

When all children enter school with the skills needed to become engaged learners, less instructional time and resources are spent on remediation, and the quality of our children’s education improves. In addition, investing in education is an investment in the future and the security of our community. According to the Partnership, “for every $1 invested in early childhood programs, Danbury will reap $9 in benefits.” Learn more about Danbury’s Promise for Children Partnership.

We believe all children should be able to realize their greatest potential, and we want to improve the quality and accessibility of early childhood care. By supporting United Way, you stand with us to strengthen our community and build a brighter future for our children.


Megan Chrysler

Elizabeth Quiñonez