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Stamford Strong Start Kindergarten Readiness Initiative

Grant Opportunity: Letters of Intent for Stamford Playgroups are now being accepted through March 30!  

Connecticut has the largest achievement gap between low-income families and their more affluent peers in the US. By investing in children, their families and their communities, we believe we can close the achievement gap before it starts. To achieve this goal, United Way launched Strong Start Kindergarten Readiness Initiative at KT Murphy Elementary School in Stamford.

United Way’s Strong Start Kindergarten Readiness Initiative at KT Murphy Elementary School in Stamford connects families in this culturally diverse community to a variety of support programs targeted to families with children from birth through five years old. The intent of the initiative is to ensure all children enter kindergarten with the skills to succeed and become engaged, lifelong learners.This program is modeled after other successful, nationally recognized programs such as Thrive in Five (Boston) and the Harlem Children’s Zone (New York). Learn more about our Strong Start programs' progress to date

Events and programs offered through this program include:

  • Parenting Classes, offered in multiple languages, focusing on skills such as effective communication
  • Help Me Grow, a statewide program offered with Family Centers, to connect families to services related to children’s health, behavior, development and learning
  • Workshops for parents of rising kindergarteners
  • Imagination Library

United Way is committed to this effort and is seeking funding partners to join us in moving the Strong Start model forward. We also welcome volunteers who wish to serve on our advisory committee.

Karen Brennan

Bridget Fox



140 Stamford children were recipients of the 2015 United Way of Western Connecticut's Back to School Clothes for Kids program. Children received new clothes, sneakers and school supplies all donated by local businesses. The majority of the items benefitted children at KT Murphy School. Employees at Deloitte wanted to do more for the students and teachers at KT Murphy School. When asked what KT Murphy School needed for their classrooms, teachers requested floor fans to help cool classrooms on hot days. United Way coordinated Deloitte's donation of five large floor fans - to the delight of students and teachers alike!
Pictured, from left: Lydia O'Hagan and Beth Keenan of KT Murphy School; Nicole Granskog of United Way of Western Connecticut; Marc Catalano and Michelle Stern of Deloitte.