2022+ Heart of Gold Scholarship Application

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  • Resume (required) detailing history of volunteer and community service and other relevant information, such as grades/GPA, co-curricular activities, school-affiliated clubs, musical groups, or sports teams; extracurricular activities; employment history; skills; and achievements and recognitions (other awards you have earned, or for which you have been nominated).
  • Essay (required) telling us how COVID-19 has impacted (and continues to impact) your life; particularly your volunteer commitments, your mindset toward volunteerism and service, and how this generational event has shaped your feeling toward volunteerism moving forward.

  • Letter(s) of Recommendation (required) (at least one is required, but additional letters will be welcome and read) from a volunteer supervisor, teacher, or other adult who can speak to your character as a citizen of your local community.

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Optional, but will be considered with your application

  • Additional materials may include photos from your volunteer experiences, write-ups about your service in a nonprofit agency's newsletter, presentations you might have given--anything that gives the review committee a sense of your service, and its impact on your life and your community.
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