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GROW Trucks

Parents of struggling families not only have difficulty paying for groceries, they may not have the time or information needed to focus on preparing healthy meals.

To help those parents learn more about how to stretch their budgets and prepare nutritious foods, United Way partners with the Connecticut Food Bank to provide the Groceries on Wheels (GROW) Truck program in Danbury, Stamford, and New Milford.

Parents who attend this 6-week nutrition education program learn about how to cook healthy foods and feed their children on a budget. They also receive up to 70 pounds of free, fresh food, saving their families approximately $1,400 per each six-week session.


  • United Way works with community partners to find sites to conduct the GROW Truck program in the regions we serve—one in Danbury, one in Stamford, and one in New Milford.
  • Sessions are conducted twice a month for six months.  Up to 25 parents can attend the sessions. Parents are recruited by the session site coordinator and United Way.
  • After the workshop, parents walk through the GROW Truck and select up to 70 pounds of fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy, and shelf-stable items.
  • United Way helps to recruit workshop presenters and volunteers at each site.


450 families benefited from the GROW Truck program in 2018

70 pounds of free, fresh food is provided after each GROW Workshop, including fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, and dairy

$1,400 is the amount saved by each family over the course of a six-month session


Find out how participation in the GROW Truck helped to turn a single mother’s life around.