Heart of Gold Scholarship Application

The Heart of Gold scholarship is awarded annually by United Way to support and promote the continuing education of an outstanding student volunteer from the Stamford community

The Roberta K. Eichler Heart of Gold Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded annually by United Way to support and promote the continuing education of an outstanding student volunteer from the Stamford community. We invite and encourage current high school seniors to apply for this rewarding scholarship opportunity. You must use this form to submit your application online.

This year, two $5,000 scholarship awards will be awarded.


From left, 2020 scholarship winners Alexa (Lexi) Boccuzzi from Westhill High School and Karla Lainez from the Academy of Information Technology and Engineering (AITE).  


  • Candidate must be a high school senior who is a Stamford resident, and/or attends a high school in Stamford and will be attending college in the fall.
  • Candidate must include at least one (but certainly more!) letter of recommendation by a supervising staff member of nonprofit agency where the student volunteers, religious institution they attend, other supervising person related to the volunteer service, or their school guidance counselor or teacher.


Application Attachments

Students will be able to upload the following documents and materials to supplement their application:

  • Resume (required) detailing history of volunteer and community service and other relevant information, such as grades/GPA, co-curricular activities, school-affiliated clubs, musical groups, or sports teams; extracurricular activities; employment history; skills; and achievements and recognitions (other awards you have earned, or for which you have been nominated).
  • Essay (required) telling us how COVID-19 has impacted (and continues to impact) your life; particularly your volunteer commitments, your mindset toward volunteerism and service, and how this generational event has shaped your feeling toward volunteerism moving forward.

  • Letter(s) of Recommendation (required) (at least one is required, but additional letters will be welcome and considered with your application) from a volunteer supervisor, teacher, or other adult who can speak to your character as a citizen of your local community.

    **NOTE** If your school requires Letters of Recommendation to be sent to us directly, please have them emailed to Stacy Schulman, with your name in the subject line, so we can save them with your application.
  • Additional materials (optional, but welcome!) including photos from your volunteer experiences, write-ups about your service in a nonprofit agency's newsletter, presentations you might have given--anything that gives the review committee a sense of your service, and its impact on your life and your community.


The application is due by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, March 31, 2021.


Application Management

  • Students, please include your name in the filenames you upload , for example: "HeartOfGoldScholarship_Resume_JSmith"  or "HeartOfGoldScholarship_Essay_JSmith."
  • After clicking "Submit", an email with a copy of the form will be sent to the student email you provide below. Please retain this message for your records.
  • If you register for an account, you may access a save feature that will allow you to save and return to your application prior to submission.
    If you have an account, you may log-in and save your progress and submission by utilizing "Save Draft" and "Preview" at the bottom of this form.
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Selection Criteria

  • Student must have been active over the past two years in one or more volunteer events/projects, serving at least one hour per week on average.
  • Student displayed outstanding participation, dedication and commitment towards volunteer events/projects as well as volunteerism in general.
  • Student has demonstrated leadership qualities in connection with volunteerism.
  • Evaluation of student’s essay
  • Any other relevant factors or information submitted in support of the nomination.


If you have any questions about the application or process, please contact Stacy Schulman, Director of Corporate Engagement at United Way of Western Connecticut, at 203-826-8479 or via email



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