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An Act of Kindness To Raise Awareness for ALICE

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In Danbury alone, 35% of residents go to work each day and still struggle to make ends meet. That's thousands of individuals and families in our area who often dread a seemingly simple task like grocery shopping. Why? Because of the stress and difficulty in stretching their limited dollars to feed a household. In grocery strore aisles, difficult decisions are made to make it the end of the month and pay all necessary bills.

United Way of Western Connecticut works collaboratively to bring together the people and resources needed to address the needs of hardworking individuals and families we call ALICE® - Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. ALICE represents a growing number of individuals and families who are working and living paycheck-to-paycheck, unable to afford the basic necessities of housing, food, childcare, health care and transportation. United Way offers a number of services and programs to help individuals and families achieve stability and work toward their vision of a good life, including the Danbury Food Collaborative, Financial Resource Center and our Neighborhood projects in Danbury and Stamford.

United Way is grateful for the support from one of our donors to bring this video to fruition. With $2,000 in hand, we performed this random act of kindness by surprising unsuspecting PriceRite customers. We met many wonderful people that day, and we carry their stories and experiences with us. With the release of this video, we hope to raise awareness about the struggles of ALICE.

We hope to inspire others to join us in our collaborative work to help individuals and families transition from struggling to stable, and in turn, make our communities stronger, healther and better places to live. Join us by making a gift to support our work.