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One Small Act, Enormous Impact

The classroom door creaks open slowly, and the expectant faces of the kindergarten and first-grade students turn towards the door with barely contained excitement as they look to see who will be reading to them. As the company volunteer enters the classroom, the buzzing of anticipation bubbles up and overflows as they watch men and women in their work uniforms, suits, and dresses make their way towards the reading carpet.

The animated faces of the volunteers regale the children with laughter and enthusiasm as they read each story and encourage the children to join in on the fun. This begins Business-to-Books a celebration of connection between United Way’s corporate partners and the Stamford children—kindergarten and first grade students—whose day they brighten by simply giving them the greatest gift you can give to someone: time and attention.

Now in its 16th year, local business volunteers come back to Business-to-Books year after year to enrich the lives of young children through reading and these relationships breed mentors that these children look up to and aspire to be like one day.

“United Way is pleased to offer this volunteer opportunity to our key corporate partners who are always looking for ways to engage in the community and thank the teachers and staff of Stamford Public Schools,” said United Way of Western Connecticut CEO Kimberly Morgan. “This event is a great opportunity for local business volunteers to go into the schools and engage young children in the love of reading aloud and telling stories.

One small act, like sharing a picture book and time, can make a world of difference in the life of a child. Thank you to all the local partners and businesses who participated in Business to Books this year and made it a success! To learn more about corporate volunteer opportunities through our sponsorships, please visit