Community Task Force

SC2C has formed a Community Task Force (CTF), consisting of representatives from leading social service providers and community organizations, to address the socio-economic factors that impact healthy development and students’ ability to learn. Thus, the CTF focuses on the Contextual Indicators (CI) identified as community-wide issues. The CTF will continue to support, inform and strengthen the work of the Community Action Networks (CANs) by generating connections, engagement and resources through its interface with members of the Stamford community and a wide array of assets.

  • Support: The CTF will continue to partner with the CANs to: understand their challenges; learn how any CI might impact SC2C’s Core and Contributing Indicators; and seek to engage appropriate resources from the Stamford community and elsewhere, as appropriate.
  • Inform: The CTF will help the CANs connect to the Stamford community by obtaining information and feedback to assist in meeting their objectives.
  • Strengthen: By engaging the Stamford community, the CTF will help ensure relevancy, leverage resources, infuence the provision of key services, support data utilization and involve multiple, diverse sectors in SC2C.           

The Community Task Force is pursuing its work through a series of campaigns, each organized according to a defined theory of change, action teams, stated objectives and accountable timeframes. Campaigns underway in 2018 include:

  • Food for Thought: Strengthen food security among Stamford’s school-age population through access, education, and promotion
  • Race, Equity and Inclusion: Drive a community-wide initiative to highlight and remove implicit racial and social biases from the educational system
  • School Attendance Project: Engage SPS and community to reduce chronic absenteeism, and prevent youth violence and other negative social behaviors
  • Other planned campaigns will align with the broader vision and goals of SC2C and Stamford Public Schools (SPS), and will include Embracing Families and Community.

Community Task Force Member Organizations:

Boys and Girls Club of Stamford
City of Stamford
City of Stamford Mayor’s Youth Services Bureau

Building One Community
Charter Oak Communities
Children’s Learning Centers of Fairfield County
Domus Kids
Family Centers
The Ferguson Library
Interfaith Council of Southwest Connecticut
Kids In Crisis
Saint Joseph Parenting Center
Stamford Health
Stamford Police Department
Stamford Public Schools
United Way of Western Connecticut