Early Grade Reading

All Stamford children will be reading at or above grade level, by the end of 3rd gradeEarlyGradeReading

According to research by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, learning to read by third grade predicts graduation rates in high school, as well as positive social emotional adjustment.[1]  Ability to read in the primary grades is the cornerstone for success in academic learning, as children learn to read by third grade, they read to learn for the rest of their lives.[2]

Members of the Early Grade Reading CAN are community experts in the field of literacy or oversee and manage programs for a large number of Stamford children. The CAN was launched in November 2016, and the Plan phase of our Continuous Improvement Process began at the CAN’s first meeting in December 2016.

Two action plans have been finalized and approved by the SC2C Executive Team. Both action plans include a commitment to create a more seamless process for information sharing and effective communication between various community partners, with specific goals to:

  1. Sustain or improve student literacy skills during summer recess through alignment of SPS literacy strategies with literacy programs provided at city community centers. As a pilot, SPS personnel will evaluate the effectiveness of training staff and volunteers of Chester Addison Community Center to incorporate SPS literacy strategies into their 2017 summer program.
  2. Reinforce student literacy skills during the after-school programs by creating alignment and consistency between the SPS literacy strategies and Stamford Boys and Girls Club’s after-school programs. As a pilot, SPS personnel will train staff and volunteers of Stamford Boys and Girls Club to incorporate SPS literacy strategies into their 2017-2018 after-school programs. For professional development resources please click here.

Early Grade Reading Community Action Network (CAN) Leadership/Contributors


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