Infant Health and Development

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Infant health and development shapes child health, and in turn, adolescent and adult health. Social determinants of health have a great impact on children’s health and development, and ultimately, their readiness and success both inside and outside of school. It starts before birth and is influenced by every part of the environment—the home, care environments, neighborhood and city.

Members of the Infant Health and Development CAN are a committed group of community stakeholders who are experts in the field of infant health and development. The CAN was launched in November 2016, and the Plan phase of our Continuous Improvement Process began at the first meeting in December 2016. Two action plans are in process of being developed, with goals to:

  1. Increase number of referrals to Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)/Food and Nutrition Service in the first trimester of pregnancy so that infants are healthy, develop according to developmental milestones and are ready to succeed in school.  We will work to increase access to the use of Child Development Infoline by women seeking prenatal care and begin a campaign to educate women on the importance of being healthy throughout pregnancy.
  2. Create a plan for increasing the number of completed Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) in the early childhood community to facilitate promotion of parent awareness of developmental milestones, referrals for early intervention and establish an integrated data collection system for tracking Stamford data and identifying community needs.

Go Before You Show
Join us on Friday, May 11, 2018 for the kick-off of the Go Before You Show initiative to increase prenatal care among Stamford's expectant mothers. Learn more

Infant Health and Development Community Action Network (CAN) Leadership/Contributors

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