Our Work: Key Outcome Areas

In response to the critical goal of ensuring that our youth become active and productive citizens of our community, we must impact outcomes in new ways. AimingForTheStarsThe Stamford Cradle to Career partnership has identified six key outcome areas  to convene Community Action Networks (CANs) for intense focus with the goal of improvement. The key outcomes address school performance as wellas health and social emotional factors at each transitional milestone that impact success in school and beyond. To date, we have launched four CANs that address the following milestones:

CANs In Development

Action Plans

In order to effectively measure, identify effective practices, and align resources, we have designed and developed a detailed action plan process. The process and the related template were created in close  partnership with Stamford Public Schools and the  Superintendent’s team, and the process is consistently followed by all CANs. Each CAN is at a different stage of action plan completion, depending on the complexity of  the objectives and the available data.