Stamford Cradle to Career Partnership To Reveal Baseline Community Report on Nov. 10

City-wide partnership focuses on achieving equity and excellence for Stamford students

STAMFORD (November 7, 2016) —Stamford has many success stories among our young adults. In fact, each year, Stamford Public Schools sends graduates to the finest colleges and universities across the country. However, not all children in our city are afforded the same experiences or advantages: some students are new to this country, others may have experienced early childhood trauma, and still others struggle with housing or food insecurity. In fact, 35% of Stamford residents earn less than the basic cost of living, 12.1% of our children under 18 years old live in poverty, and 51.86% of our public school students are eligible for free or reduced price lunch. It is because of statistics like these, that the mission of Stamford Cradle to Career (C2C) partnership to collectively align community resources to ensure equity and excellence in education for every child, from cradle to career, is so important.

To celebrate the commitment of all those involved in this partnership, the United Way of United Way of Western Connecticut (UWWC) is hosting the official public launch of Stamford C2C, including releasing its baseline report and kicking off its Community Action Networks (CAN). More than 60 agencies, nonprofits, corporations and philanthropic supporters are partners in this initiative to drive and support the success of Stamford children and youth in education and careers.

The event will feature a keynote address by StriveTogether Managing Director Jeff Edmondson. Stamford Cradle to Career is a Collective Impact partnership with a solid and committed cross-sector collaboration that is based on the nationally recognized StriveTogether Cradle to Career Framework. Mr. Edmondson is a nationally known expert in collective partnerships, student outcomes, and mobilizing individuals and communities to achieve bold goals. His address will give greater context and excitement to the work now underway in Stamford.

“Stamford Cradle-to-Career will provide an opportunity for the community as a whole to focus resources on key levers that increase the likelihood of every student’s success in school and beyond,” said Stamford Public Schools Superintendent Earl Kim. “Our district’s leadership, teachers and staff look forward to playing an integral role in the planning and work of Stamford Cradle-to-Career partners.”

The partnership’s Baseline Community Report will be publically released at the launch event at UConn Stamford. The report details Stamford Cradle to Career’s goals, approach, and accountability, and delves into data related to the partnership’s six key outcome areas identified by community leaders for improvement, which include: Infant Health and Development; Kindergarten Readiness; Early Grade Reading; Transition To Middle School (in development); Transition To High School (in development); and Transition From High School to Postsecondary, College and/or Career.

The CAN workgroups focused around each of these areas are the driving force of the movement. With a committed cadre of organizations, school representatives and community members, each CAN will focus on how the partnership can affect large-scale change in each of these areas for lasting solutions for student success. By aligning resources and perspectives from every sector of the Stamford community, the CANs will begin to design and drive new solutions to close the achievement gap at all levels of the educational continuum.

Among the launch event attendees are many stakeholders and those who share an interest in Stamford Cradle to Career’s goal of collectively aligning community resources to ensure equity and excellence in education for all Stamford students. UWWC serves as the anchor and backbone entity providing management and fiscal support for the partnership.

“We are thrilled that the Stamford Cradle to Career partnership is launching the first four Community Action Networks,” said Kim Morgan, CEO, UWWC. “If Stamford Cradle to Career is creating a new roadmap for how community stakeholders work together, the CANs are the explorers, surveyors and cartographers. The work of the CANs will bring us closer to the partnership’s vision that all Stamford children and youth will succeed in their education, career and life.”

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