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The Giving Fund

United Way of Western Connecticut is honored to partner once again with The News-Times on The Giving Fund, a community holiday program that identifies 30 local families and individuals in need of special assistance this holiday season. Five stories will be published each week in The News-Times for six weeks, starting on Thanksgiving.

Each week, readers will have an opportunity to make a donation to support one or more of these special cases. All of the money collected through the initiative will go directly to aid those in need. Each story is assigned a case number. Case numbers and details can be found in each week's stories below.

The Giving Fund 2017 Cases:

Week 6 (cases 230 - 235)

Week 5 (cases 224 - 229)

Week 4 (cases 218 - 223)

Week 3 (cases 212 - 217)

Week 2 (cases 206 - 211)

Week 1 (cases 200 - 205)


To support The Giving Fund, please click here.

Thank you for supporting your community this holiday season!

Note: Should the total amount collected for any case exceed the amount needed, the remaining money will go to an underfunded case. If all cases are funded, donations will be used for other United Way programs that assist local ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) families.