The Giving Fund: Week Four

The Giving Fund profiles the cases of real people in our community who need a supporting hand to help them out of financial crisis and help to change the trajectory of their lives

Case 153
A hard-working, two-parent family has been trying to improve their housing situation for a number of months. The wife has been working for a number of years for a downtown Danbury business. The father works as he is able, although he has had some health challenges. They have two beautiful children. Between high rent and the cost of insurance, after-school care, food, and other expenses, they have not been able to save up for a down payment for a home. A gift of $1,500 could put them on the path to home ownership and help them build a brighter future for their children.


Case 154
The Kennedys are a struggling family with two school-age children and a preschooler. They live paycheck-to-paycheck, with no savings to cover emergency expenses. Unfortunately, their 2001 Toyota Highlander now needs a new transmission. Mrs. Kennedy depends on this car for her livelihood, as her work is about 45 minutes away from the children’s after-school care and preschool. The family has no way to cover this expense without going further into debt, and purchasing a new vehicle is simply not within their budget. A gift of $2,000 would repair the car they so desperately rely on for transportation.


Case 155
Margaret is a single woman living on a fixed income. Two years ago, she became the guardian for two young girls, sisters ages 11 and 13, after their mother was incarcerated. Having no family of her own, Margaret established a bond with the two girls when they first moved into the apartment next door. When their mother was arrested, Margaret took the girls into her home so they did not have to go into foster care. It is the first stable home the children have ever had, but they must live very frugally. The holidays are still an exciting time for the girls, who look forward to baking cookies and decorating the Christmas tree. The family lives very simply, and Margaret works hard to give the girls a stable life. A gift of $1,000 would make for a happier holiday for this family.


Case 156
Ms. Webster is a single mother raising two children while working two jobs—one at a fast food restaurant and one cleaning homes and offices. Even though she works constantly, her day-to-day job is a struggle and she can barely make ends meet. Despite all this, she always has a smile on her face and loves her children immensely. A gift of $600 would ease the strain on her household budget and help her purchase food and gas.


Case 157
Theresa has been working in a medical office without benefits, as well substituting as a secretary for the public schools. She has shared custody of her two children with her ex-husband. Unfortunately, she was recently notified that her job in the medical office is being eliminated, at least temporarily. (She might be rehired after the New Year.) In the meantime, she cannot pay her bills and has a car that needs repairs and new tires. A gift of $1,000 would help her repair her car and purchase some food to help her get by until her applications for social services benefits are processed.


Case 158
The Martins are a two-parent family with three children under the age of nine. Unfortunately, Mr. Martin has been ill with cancer for more than a year now. He has been on and off at work due to his illness; some days he feels stronger and can go to work, other days he cannot. Mrs. Martin is doing what she can to support the family. Prescriptions and doctor visits are expensive and are putting a drain on an already tight family budget. A donation of $800 to help with buying food and paying the bills would be greatly appreciated.


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