The Giving Fund: Week One

The Giving Fund profiles the cases of real people in our community who need a supporting hand to help them out of financial crisis and help to change the trajectory of their lives

Case 206

Melanie is a single mother of four children. Her middle child has a medical condition requiring several medications and many visits to the doctor. This child needs full-time care and is totally dependent on her mother. COVID-19 has caused this family to endure numerous everyday hardships. Melanie is unable to commit to a regular job to provide extra income due to her child’s illness. Their income is stretched to the limit and barely covers necessities. Melanie is also a very humble, dedicated person and always puts her children first. This family has learned to make do with little, and very few extras fit into their budget. A gift of $500 would provide money for groceries and help with the bills.


Case 207

Ariel is a middle-aged woman. Before COVID, she was on top of the world. She worked as a waitress at the same restaurant for 12 years. During the pandemic, her hours were cut, and she lost much of her income. She struggled to pay her monthly bills. Stimulus money helped her with the rent, which she paid faithfully even though there was an eviction moratorium. Then, Ariel was diagnosed with a major illness requiring surgery. She was unable to return to work. Her lease ran out and she needed to move. She put a few things in storage and gave away the rest. She could not find another apartment and temporarily stayed with a friend and slept in her car. Ariel is now working two jobs and trying to save enough money to get her own place. $500 would help her with necessities and items she needs to get back on her feet.


Case 208

Mikey is a sensitive guy who has always been able to take care of himself. He has a history of anxiety and depression, and several events in his personal life over the last 6 months have caused him to suffer increased stress and symptoms. 
His anxiety and depression have affected his ability to concentrate and complete tasks at his job. He began to miss time at work, causing him to eventually lose his job and fall behind on his rent. Mikey could use a hand up at this difficult time.  
A gift of $500 would help him catch up on his rent and prevent him from losing his apartment.


Case 209

Joy is a single mother who lost her mom, her one support, a year ago. Since then, she has collapsed twice and ended up in the hospital with rhabdomyolysis. Rhabdomyolysis is a serious and very painful condition that occurs when muscle tissue is damaged due to an injury. Joy currently has no feeling or use in her left leg.
Joy is terribly worried about how she is going to pay her heat and electric bills and also give her two sons a good holiday. She has a great deal of medical expenses, and she needs a walker and other items to help her recover.

A gift of $1,500 will help to pay for Joy’s utility bills and will also help to provide a good holiday for her. kids


Case 210

Betsy and Tom have four children, all under the age of six, with another on the way. Because of the high cost of child care, Tom stays at home with the children, while Betsy works in healthcare. Betsy worked hard to earn a nursing degree, and it paid off. But because of the high cost of living, they still struggle to pay all the bills for their growing family. One month’s rent is $1200. If they were able to have the rent paid for one month during the holidays it would relieve them of a huge burden, and they could provide a nice holiday for their children.


Case 211

Tina is a mom of three children who, unfortunately, have experienced and witnessed domestic violence in their home. This has been a very challenging time for Tina and her children. For so long they lived in a home where they did not feel safe. Tina tried to keep the marriage together for the sake of keeping the family together; however, her husband’s behavior became increasingly volatile. Tina has since left the relationship, but she has been handling all the bills on her own as a single mother. She is desperately trying to keep up with her mounting bills so that she can keep a roof over her and her children’s heads. 

A gift of $2,000 will help Tina and her children stay together in their home and have some semblance of a happy holiday. 

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