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The Giving Fund: Week One

Case 200
Kristen and John are parents of four children. Kristen was diagnosed with cancer in the spring of 2017 and lost her job due to the length of her recovery time from the cancer treatment. John had also lost his job not long after his agency outsourced his job to another country. The family has experienced significant hardship since this time, as they are struggling to keep up with mortgage payments, utilities, and car insurance to name a few. A gift of $1,700 would help the family with these household expenses and alleviate some of the financial stressors the family is experiencing.


Case 201
Emily is a 52 year-old woman. Her children are grown and she currently lives with her elderly father in a tiny one bedroom apartment. Her dad has multiple health issues and Emily is there to watch over him and offer him support. Their apartment is very small but all they can afford. They do not have extra funds for everyday items we take for granted. Currently, Emily makes do sleeping on the floor on an air mattress in the living room. Emily being so humble, would never think to ask for something for herself. A gift of $1,200 would provide Emily with a sofa bed and end table, some basic household items and her father with some warm winter clothing.


Case 202
Mary is a single mother who is raising her two young children alone as a result of her husband’s alcohol addiction and repeated physical abuse. He would come home so intoxicated and angry that he would get violent with Mary in front of their two small children. Things changed for Mary and the kids the day she gathered enough courage to call for police intervention. Since calling the police, her husband left the state and has not returned, leaving Mary to care for her two small children on her own. The bills have been mounting and caring for two small children has made things difficult for Mary this past year. The children have a great love for sports and, with the added costs, Mary has had to limit many of these enrichment activities in her children’s life. A gift in the amount of $1,200 would cover a year’s worth both children’s activities which include baseball, soccer, dance and gymnastics.


Case 203
Barbara is the guardian for two boys, age eight and 11. The boys were the children of a neighbor and Barbara did not want to see them get separated into different foster homes or get stuck in the system when their mom couldn’t take care of them anymore. Barbara is a very caring woman; and with the children’s welfare in mind, got herself approved to be their foster parent.  Although she is on disability and has a limited income, she always takes care of them before herself. One of the boys has learning disabilities, and she makes sure to advocate for him to get the proper educational support. Both boys are thriving and doing well in school as a result of all Barbara’s efforts. A gift of $600 would assist Barbara with the grocery bills for the two growing boys and help with a few Christmas gifts for the boys.


Case 204
Jane and her daughter suffered a devastating loss when all of their possessions and one of their pets were lost in a house fire several weeks ago. All of their savings are being spent on paying for the hotel they are staying in while repairs are being made on their home. Jane has been a client of a local non-profit agency for the past three years who claims she is one of the most resilient persons they’ve seen. She has survived multiple health issues and a family tragedy. Jane is a musician and an artist. All of her instruments including a piano and her art supplies were lost in the fire. Jane’s friends are helping her as best they can, especially with emotional support, but they cannot help her financially. A gift of $1,500 could help provide new clothes, mattresses, bedding and other basic items for herself and her daughter.


Case 205
Alecia recently visited a local social service agent seeking help for herself and her small child. She had no home, was without a job and had no support system. She was able to get an apartment through a voucher program, but had no furniture and few clothes for her and her child.. One thing the agency knew was that she wanted to work and was a fighter. The agency was able to provide Alecia with free day care so that she could look for a job. She then needed transportation and out of the goodness of some people’s hearts, a car was donated to her along with some pieces of furniture and clothing.  She now has a part-time job and is going to school to increase her possibilities of self-sufficiency. She was able to access her local Social Services Emergency Fund for help with car insurance for 6 months, but that will be coming to an end in a couple of months. A gift of $600 will provide Alecia with another 6 months of car insurance which she so desperately needs. 


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