The Giving Fund: Week One

The Giving Fund profiles the cases of real people in our community who need a supporting hand to help them out of financial crisis and help to change the trajectory of their lives

Case 1

Rose is faced with one hard decision after another. A single mother raising her 8-year-old daughter, Rose was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago and has been battling her diagnosis ever since. During a recent check-up, she was informed that her cancer progressed and is now at Stage 4. The frequent, ongoing treatments have forced Rose to leave her full-time job. As the head of the household, the loss of her main income has brought on significant financial stress. A gift of $1,500 would cover rent for one month and provide some breathing room during a time when she and her daughter need it the most. 


Case 2

The past year hasn’t been easy for Patricia. Exactly one year ago, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. During the time of her diagnosis, Patricia went through a divorce, leaving her to face the illness on her own. Due to ongoing medical complications and the nature of her treatment, she’s been unable to work and has had few people to turn to for help. A gift of $1,500 would cover rent for one month and leave a little extra to purchase groceries


Case 3

A local food bank serves as a hub for families in need of food when their budget is stretched too tight. With rising food prices and dwindling donations, the agency is often forced to turn families away. This includes single mothers like Michelle, who has two young children and works hard but finds that the grocery bill is increasingly difficult to afford. It also affects people like Kathy, who supplements her grocery trips with local food banks. These moms and many other clients are facing the reality of telling their children that there isn’t enough money to provide the usual food items they have always counted on. A gift of $800 would provide the ability to hand out grocery store gift cards for up to 25 families.


Case 4

Rachel has endured multiple hardships over the past several years. Unstable living conditions and mental and physical health struggles have made it difficult for her to hold a steady job. While waiting for disability coverage, Rachel is unable to afford necessities without relying on help from local agencies and family members. A gift of $500 would help her pay for food and clothing, and give her a starting point to get her life back on track.  


Case 5

Ellen keeps a positive attitude, but her struggles persist. In 2020, she lost her job of nine years and was left without a steady income to raise her sons. As a single mother of twin 10-year-old boys, Ellen is determined to provide for her household. Realizing that the job market has changed drastically in the past decade, Ellen enrolled in a digital skills training program, which expanded her job opportunities. Within three months she was hired for a better-paying position but is still living paycheck to paycheck. A gift of $750 would cover holiday expenses, including new clothing and Christmas gifts for her kids, while also leaving some extra to help with bills. 


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