The Giving Fund: Week Six

The Giving Fund profiles the cases of real people in our community who need a supporting hand to help them out of financial crisis and help to change the trajectory of their lives


Case 164
Christina has had a difficult life. Her parents passed away when she was young and, unfortunately, she was abused. Now in her late 70s, she has experienced a particularly difficult past couple of years. Since 2017, Christina has been diagnosed with uterine cancer, breast cancer, experienced a heart attack, and has been struggling to manage her diabetes. She is also trying to support her daughter who was in a very bad car accident. She is in the process of healing emotionally, physically, and financially--which is difficult when the bills never stop coming. A gift of $750 to help Christina with car repairs would be of great assistance so she can continue going to her medical appointments and being involved in the community.


Case 165
Brooke is a 34-year-old single mother of two who lives in Danbury. Due to a domestic violence situation, she gave birth to her youngest baby without the help of her ex-husband. Brooke is working full time as a social worker to provide for both children. She has been behind on her rent, car taxes, car payments, medical bills, child care expenses and other bills for the last two months. Brooke now finds herself having to use some of the services that she refers her own clients to, such as local food pantries, just to provide food for her children. Since she was not able to take much time off from work after giving birth, she has also been battling post-partum health issues. A gift of $1,500 would help Brooke to catch up on her rent and bills, and assist with child care expenses.


Case 166
In her mid-50’s, Bobby was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in early 2019. She has undergone several treatments, including chemotherapy, and has experienced many short-term and long-term side effects from treatment. The side effects were so severe that treatment had to be lessened after she went into anaphylactic shock. As a result, Bobby has been unable to work for the past couple of months. Before she was diagnosed with cancer, Bobby was working an average of 60 hours per week between her two jobs. It has it been difficult to adjust to life with a limited income. Additionally, Bobby’s living situation is changing, and she will be responsible for a greater portion of her rent. A gift of $1,300 would help Bobby pay a portion of her rent and repair her car, so she can travel to and from doctor’s appointments and focus more on her self-care.


Case 167
Mary is a 62-year-old woman who lives alone and struggles every day to work. Despite having severe back issues and congestive heart failure, she must work to maintain her living situation until she is approved to go into senior housing. Two days before Christmas, she fell two times. She called out hoping her neighbors would hear her, but no one did. She managed to crawl to the phone and call for help. She really needs a medical alert button, but on her small salary that barely pays for her rent, utilities, and car expenses, she cannot afford this needed service. A gift of $500 would cover the cost for one year of service.


Case 168
Dorothy worked as a school teacher in Denver for many years. When she became a widow, she moved back to Connecticut to be closer to family and also help care for her elderly mother who could no longer live alone. Her husband was self-employed and when he passed away, along with a major part of the family income, Dorothy also lost her health insurance. Although moving to Connecticut and living with her mother has helped, working full-time Dorothy’s income is barely enough to cover the basic household expenses and health insurance; her mother’s Social Security check helps to cover the cost of feeding a family of four. Because her twin daughters were her late husband’s stepchildren, they receive no benefits. A gift of $1,500 would provide this hard-working mother and family with a good start to a new year.




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