The Giving Fund: Week Three

The Giving Fund profiles the cases of real people in our community who need a supporting hand to help them out of financial crisis and help to change the trajectory of their lives

Case 218

Last June, Susan lost her loving husband of many years after a long battle with cancer. Susan’s husband was unable to work for the last year of his life, and as his caregiver, Susan was also unable to work. While raising their two children and caring for her husband, Susan completed a degree in the human services field and managed to graduate in March of 2021. She is actively working to find a job in her field, but the bills have been piling up. Her home flooded and needs repairs totaling $1,400. Susan’s oldest child’s car is also in need of $2,200 in repairs. Her daughter uses her car to get back and forth to school and work. Susan has been holding her family together by a thread. A donation of $1,500 will help to cover these repair costs and lighten the financial burden Susan has been carrying while helping this family get back on their feet after a terrible loss. 


Case 219

Harold is a generous, big-hearted man with a strong work ethic. Many years ago, Harold was permanently injured on a job site. Doctors have said that, due to his injuries, he is permanently disabled and unable to work again. Since then, Harold has struggled to make ends meet. His wife works extra hours to pay the bills. Harold's life is filled with numerous doctors’ appointments, surgeries, calls to insurance companies, and managing his pain. His joy in life is the pride he takes in caring for his beloved canine companion and any time he can bring a smile to someone’s face. A gift of $500 would help to relieve the financial stress faced by Harold and his wife and provide a joyous holiday for this couple.


Case 220

Callie is a single mother of three young children, all under the age of nine. They were homeless for a time, and while they were staying in the shelter, Callie worked hard to get her CNA certification and license. Unfortunately, because her job required her to work weekends and she was unable to secure child care, she had to leave her job. She is seeking another job that does not require weekend work. But in the meantime, she is unable to pay rent for December. A gift of $1,000 would help her pay her rent and provide a nice holiday for her children.


Case 221

Kristin is a single mom of two who unfortunately experienced years of domestic violence from her ex-husband. She has undergone tremendous physical and emotional abuse, which has led to PTSD and depression. During the pandemic, Kristin was unemployed and struggled to keep her home and pay the bills. Because she needs to pick up her kids from school and keep up with their demanding schedules, she can only work part-time. Her oldest child is autistic and has been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD. He requires a lot of behavioral therapy sessions and in-home care. Her youngest has been diagnosed with ADHD as well.  A gift of $500 would help Kristin with groceries and provide a happier holiday for the kids. 


Case 222

Noelle worked full time as a dental assistant prior to the pandemic. She and her partner have three beautiful children, ages 1, 10, and 13. Recently, Noelle was faced with the difficult decision of having to give up her profession to become a full-time caregiver for a family member’s newborn. If she did not become the infant’s caregiver, the baby would have to be raised by a foster family. This selfless act of Noelle’s has put a major financial burden this family of six. Noelle’s partner is now the only working adult in the home, and they are barely making enough to cover all their monthly expenses. A gift of $1,700 would cover one month’s rent, relieving the family of some financial stress just in time for the holidays.


Case 223

Ana is a single mother of two girls, ages six and one. They currently live in Bethel. Ana works full time as a house cleaner, often putting in more than 50 hours a week to be able to make ends meet. She is the sole provider for her two beautiful little girls. Ana always speaks so highly of her daughters, and she dreams of being able to provide them with just a few extras every once in a while. She saves every penny she can every month, toward a brighter future for her family. A gift of $1,600 would cover one month of rent and two weeks of child care, taking some stress off of Ana and helping her to give her girls a nice holiday.


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