The Giving Fund: Week Three

The Giving Fund profiles the cases of real people in our community who need a supporting hand to help them out of financial crisis and help to change the trajectory of their lives

Case 147
Brittany and her daughter have been living in a shelter for several months after she was the victim of a serious assault in her family home. Brittany has been seeking employment while living at the shelter, but she has struggled to find employment that balances the needs of her child and the hours most employers request that she be available. Unfortunately, Brittany cannot afford child care between the hours when school gets out and when she would pick her daughter up after work. She has no friends or family that she can rely on to watch or pick up her daughter. These challenges make it extremely difficult for Brittany to find employment. A donation of $700 will pay for an afterschool program for her daughter, offered for the next 33 weeks of the school year. Additionally, $600 will cover a 6-week summer camp program once school has ended, and $200 will cover Uber or Lyft expenses so Brittany can pick her child up from school or camp in case of an emergency, since she does not have a car. These donations will ensure that Brittany is able to maintain employment and work towards independence, and will make a huge difference in her life.


Case 148
For more than seven years, Jessica has worked with disabled people, and she loves her job. But recently she has been unable to work due to illness. She has been in and out of the hospital for the past few months. While her mother has helped her by taking care of her son when she was in the hospital, her mother is not able to help her pay her bills. Her illness has left her behind on all her bills, including her rent, electricity, car payment, and car insurance. She knows that next month she will be back on the right financial track. But until then she needs about $1,400 to pay her bills and to keep her from getting further behind on life's expenses. She is very grateful for any financial help she will receive.


Case 149
Ariel is a mother of two teenage boys, Chadd and Kerry. She worked hard her whole life until a physical condition forced her to stop working. She volunteers as much as she is able, as she receives joy from helping others. Her sons are responsible teens and are dedicated to their mom, who always puts their needs first. Both of the boys are in need of winter clothing, as is Ariel. The family car is almost 17 years old and needs repairs. Because of their limited finances, the family very rarely enjoys outings together, such as going to the movies or out for pizza. Ariel, Chadd, and Kerry deserve a fun family night together, as well as necessities, such as clothing and car repairs for reliable transportation. A gift of $1,050 would give this family joy and comfort this holiday season and beyond.


Case 150
Angel was in abusive relationship that became increasingly dangerous. After much planning, she was able to safely leave her  former partner and is now temporarily living in a safe location with her baby boy. She works full-time and has been saving money to move into a new apartment so that she doesn’t have to keep relocating. Unfortunately, state funds and resources are extremely limited and paying for security deposit and first month’s rent has been a challenge. She has half the money she needs set aside and continues to work tirelessly. Angel is afraid that if she cannot save money quickly enough, that she will lose the opportunity to move into her own home with her son. We are requesting $500 to help her pay the security deposit and $1,000 for the family to purchase furniture and other living essentials needed to start their new lives.


Case 151
Mary Rose is a kind and intelligent middle-aged woman. She was working full time until she began treatment for cancer, when she started experiencing muscle loss, fatigue, nausea, and difficulty sleeping. She is positive soul and a helpful person. Right now, her time is consumed with medical appointments and focusing on her recovery. She is living off of her retirement savings, which are quickly dwindling. For nutrition, Mary Rose depends on supplemental shakes, which are costly. She also must spend much of her income on medical co-payments, deductibles, and gas to get to appointments. She no longer has extra money to pay for clothing, and she could benefit from having comfortable lounge clothes and winter hats to keep her head warm. (She has lost her hair as a result of her treatments.) A gift of $600 will help Mary Rose maintain her nutritional needs, purchase warm and comfortable clothing, and cover the cost of deductibles, co-pays, and gas.


Case 152
Darlene is a 60-year old single woman. Over the years, she developed kidney function problems with many symptoms that required her to take numerous medications and be on a special diet. Little did she know, the medications that were meant to help her would cause kidney failure. She was devastated with this diagnosis. Two months ago, she was blessed when her brother was a match for a kidney transplant and the operation saved her life. Darlene was so grateful, but is not fully out of the woods. She takes many medications which limit her daily activities. She must also follow a strict diet which includes the purchase of higher priced food items that are difficult for her limited budget. A gift of $900 allow Darlene to purchase the foods she needs in addition to some other basic needs like warm winter clothing.


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