The Giving Fund: Week Two

The Giving Fund profiles the cases of real people in our community who need a supporting hand to help them out of financial crisis and help to change the trajectory of their lives

Case 141
Leslie is a mother of three amazing children. She was forced to leave her home about six months ago to protect her children. For her safety and the safety of her children, she left everything they had behind. While the family has suffered many hardships, Leslie has not lost her determination to survive and continues to work a full-time job and save money so that she can provide a better life for herself and her children. The family has been living in a shelter but really want to move into their own apartment. Since Leslie is supporting three children on her own, she is finding it difficult to spare additional funds for the things they need to make an apartment a home. A gift of $1,500 will help Leslie purchase basic furniture pieces, as well as smaller essentials, such as dishes.


Case 142
Miriam is the mother and primary caregiver to five children. She has always worked hard to provide for her children. One child has special needs and requires many medical treatments. This family lives on an extremely limited budget. If her work schedule allows, Miriam can visit a local food pantry to supplement her groceries. Unfortunately, food pantries have limited hours, making it challenging for this working mom to visit. As a result, most of the time this family does not have fresh, healthy food. To make matters worse, the family does not have a kitchen table, so they are not able to share a meal together. A gift of $1,000 will help this family to have the best of both worlds by being able to purchase a kitchen table and stock up on some healthy options for several months.


Case 143
The Johnsons are hard-working parents to four children ages 3 to 17. In addition to their children, they are caring for two young cousins who reside in their home. Earlier in the year, Mr. Johnson experienced an unforeseen illness and was out of work for five months. This left the family spiraling into financial crisis. With no health insurance, the family is now left with major medical expenses. Mrs. Johnson picked up an extra job, and the oldest daughter and cousin got jobs to help as well. A gift of $1,300 will help this family to heat their home this winter and purchase warm clothes for the children.


Case 144
Marsha is the mother of two young children. Raised in foster care, she married when still a teenager, only to be abandoned by her husband soon after the birth of her second child. She became the sole support for her family. Marsha works a full-time job year-round. Additionally, from April through September, she supplements her family’s income working for a local landscaper. She can bring her daughters to the landscaping job, so they can spend time together and she does not have to incur the cost of child care. Despite working hard, the family struggles on a tight budget. It is even more difficult after September and during the holiday season. A gift of $1,300 would give this family a chance to enjoy the holidays. More important, it will help to supplement the family’s budget until next April when mom is able to return to working her landscaping job.


Case 145
James and Rita are a middle-aged couple with three children. One of their children has suffered from a serious medical condition for most of his young life. The child’s medical expenses have left this family struggling to meet their monthly bills, with little left at the end of the month for necessities such as food and gasoline. With a looming slowdown in James’ construction job during the winter months, gift cards for groceries and gasoline would go a long way toward keeping this family afloat. A gift of $600 would be a blessing to this family.


Case 146
Sara is a single working mother of three children under the age of 14. She has worked as a bus driver for the past 10 years, despite her many physical ailments. She sometimes misses work due to her medical treatments, and she does not get paid for the days she doesn’t work. Currently she is trying to catch up on some household bills. Because her income fluctuates, she can’t afford many extras. She knows that paying the bills comes first. Even though she’s struggling, she does the best she can to keep up. Sara would be so happy to be able to provide new, warm winter clothes― especially jackets and boots―for her children. A gift of $800 would give her family new warm winter clothes as well as provide extra for groceries.


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