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YVC introduces youth to a lifetime of service

To become a YVC member, please fill out the form below. 
Please Note: Your answers to all the questions on this form are confidential. They just allow us to make sure you have the best experience possible! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact  Morgan Browne at morgan.browne@uwwesternct.org.

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Youth and YVC Agreement

YVC Youth Volunteer Agrees:
  • To be on time and work all scheduled project hours OR notify YVC in advance if you cannot.
  • To maintain a positive attitude and show respect to everyone (fellow volunteers, YVC staff, and community/agency members) at the project.
  • To attend any required orientation and training, and to participate in all project activities, including games.
  •  To abstain from profanity, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, sexual activity and violence of any form during volunteer projects as there is ZERO TOLERANCE.
  • To participate in the reflections/evaluation of each project and program.
  • To inform a Team Leader prior to volunteering if your service hours are required for court ordered community service and disclose why you were given the service hours.

YVC agrees:
  • To treat the Youth Volunteer with respect.
  • To provide the Youth Volunteer with appropriate duties that matches skills, abilities, experience and interests.
  • To provide a trained Team Leader/supervisor to guide and assist Youth Volunteers during the project.
  • To ensure time for the team to plan, discuss and reflect on the project.
  • To conduct evaluation with the Youth Volunteer on the service experience.
  • To recognize the efforts of the Youth Volunteer, and provide confirmation of service hours upon request.