Healthy Savings

United Way of Western CT gets food to struggling families
Healthy Savings



It’s upsetting to think that people who work hard may struggle to pay for healthy food. But when United Way of Western Connecticut conducted surveys of lower-wage earners, we found that 50% are finding it a challenge to pay for food.

Unfortunately, many families on tight budgets end up purchasing more affordable but less healthy high-calorie, high-carbohydrate food. Healthy produce can be difficult to afford.

The Healthy Savings program helps people put more fresh food on their tables by offering substantial discounts at the grocery store. 

With Healthy Savings, hard-working families can shop with dignity and make their own choices at the grocery store. They can purchase more vegetables, fruits, and other healthy food items for themselves and their children. Seniors on fixed incomes can buy fresh foods that support better health and quality of life.


  •   With a Healthy Savings card or the mobile app, shoppers receive a 50% discount on fresh produce purchases up to a savings of $10 per week. That means they can buy $20 of fresh produce for $10.
  •   Shoppers can also save up to $50 per week (or even more) on pre-qualified healthy food staples, such as lean meats, milk, bread, eggs, yogurt, cheese, beans, and more.
  •   Shoppers must shop at participating grocery stores. For a list of stores, click here.

For more information about obtaining a Healthy Savings card or to download the mobile app, contact Cara Mitchell at 203-883-0879 or


  •   Launched a Healthy Savings pilot program to serve up to 1,000 households



Learn how Donna can bring home nutritious food from the store, despite her tight budget


Healthy Savings provides a $10 weekly incentive for shoppers spending $20 on produce. Won't you support one family for two weeks, 12 weeks, six months or even one year? Give today!