The Giving Fund: Week Five

The Giving Fund profiles the cases of real people in our community who need a supporting hand to help them out of financial crisis and help to change the trajectory of their lives


Case 228

George is the father and primary provider for a family of five that lives in Danbury. He works full-time with individuals who have special needs. When not working, George organizes a Special Olympics group and volunteers extensively at local nonprofits. George’s wife lost her job more than a year ago, but she is now working retail while she seeks a better job that suits her skill set. Two of their children are in college and a third has been diagnosed with autism. Money is very tight, and the family has been behind on rent for a long time. Their one vehicle needs extensive repairs, including new tires. A gift of $1,400 would cover the cost of new tires and vehicle repairs so the family could drive safely during the winter.


Case 229

Amy has three children between the ages of one and four. Until recently, she was a stay-at-home mom. She is very dedicated to her family, very connected with local child development resources, and very concerned for the wellbeing of her children. Amy’s husband and the father of her three children recently passed away in a car accident. She has been facing a tough situation emotionally and financially. A gift of $500 would be a huge help to this family, especially now that Amy needs to provide for everyone as head of the household.


Case 230

Annabelle is a single mother working a full-time job and caring for her six-year-old daughter Megan. Annabelle has chosen to go back to school full-time to make a better life for herself and her young daughter. She has been living with friends to make ends meet but they recently came down with COVID. Annabelle is now living with her mother in a small one-bedroom apartment. She would like to move out but just can’t because rent is too expensive. A gift of $1,500 would help Annabelle and Megan with rent so that they are able to find a place of their own.


Case 231

Khloe is a mother of two who recently left an abusive relationship. She is working hard to build a new life for herself and her children. Khloe has secured a new apartment, but she needs bedroom furniture for the family. She needs twin-sized bunk beds and two twin mattresses, as well as a queen-sized bed frame and a queen-sized bed and a dresser for her clothes. She will also need sheets and blankets. A gift of $1,000 will help her buy the furnishings she needs so she and her boys can turn their house into a home. 


Case 232

Lena is a long-term New Milford resident and a single mother of three boys. Lena is facing financial hardship due to health issues. She faces many challenges raising three sons without a support system. Lena has a full-time job, but she has lost many work days because of severe health issues. Losing these work days has caused her to fall behind on household bills. A gift of $1,000 will help Lena pay her rent for one month and get her family on a stronger financial footing. 


Case 233

Loni is a mother of three children who has survived verbal and physical abuse by her ex-partner. Loni is working but is struggling financially.  Most recently, her landlord gave her notice to leave her apartment because the property is being sold. Loni has located a new place to live, but saving for a security deposit during the holidays has been difficult. A gift of $1,500 would help Loni with a security deposit for a new place to live with her children.


Case 234

Grace is a single mother of five children. She has just reentered the workforce after many years of being a stay-at-home parent. Grace is a dedicated mother and employee, and she is working hard to get back on her feet after a difficult separation. The family car needs extensive repairs. A gift of $1,500 will pay for the car repairs and allow this family to continue to get to work and school. 


Case 235

Maureen is a single mom of three children and was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2020. She recently had a double mastectomy, which affected her emotionally and economically leaving her unable to continue working. Due to the lack of income she was not able to pay her rent which resulted in having to move to more affordable housing in the middle of the pandemic. A gift of $1,500 would help cover Maureen’s rent and allow her the opportunity to heal and return to normal life.


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